Marriage & Families in MD

Uphold Marriage

Special interest groups are pressuring politicians in Annapolis to redefine marriage in Maryland – despite the strong opposition of a majority of Maryland citizens. A loud outcry throughout the state convinced our elected officials last year to reject this drastic action, but the threat is raising its head again. Join with the Maryland Marriage Alliance in protecting the long-held definition of marriage in Maryland as one man and one woman, and in making sure the voices of Marylanders are heard.

Tell Maryland Lawmakers: Protect Marriage

Take action to protect marriage as one man and one woman by clicking on the picture below.  After you click on the picture you will be taken to the MD Marriage Alliance site where you will enter your zipcode and then be taken to a page that has all of your area Senators and Delegates.  At this point you can scroll down and write your letter or use the sample letter and when you submit it will go out to each of them.  So, TAKE ACTION NOW and support the way God intended marriage to be as ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN!