Guatemala Mission

Team and Noelle

Guatemala Mission: A ministry opportunity for teens

In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 the Oak Grove Baptist Student Ministry sent teens and adults to San Miguel, Guatemala to serve with Clubhouse Guatemala Mission.

It was a blessing to everyone who participated.

What We Do

We installed many wood burning stoves in homes that used open pit fires to warm their homes and cook food. By replacing their pits with stoves we helped many with health conditions (including one mother who was told she would be blind in one month if she didn’t stop cooking in the pit).

We also distributed hundreds of shoes to needy families and at the same time washed their feet. We also participated in a Vacation Bible School with more than 100 children. We also distributed enriched rice and other supplies to more than dozens of families.Guatemala Team 2015

Of course the primary goal in all these endeavors was to share the love of Jesus Christ and share about His free gift of eternal life.

How To Get Involved

If you feel God is leading you to join us in the future on missions to San Miguel be sure to contact Ralph Batykefer at the Student Ministry Office 410-838-9898 (x225).  In the meantime, please consider donating shoes for the Guatemalans and financial support to allow more students and parents to return to serve on mission.

What Is The Cost

Typically the cost of the trip will be about $1100, but money is never the reason for not going. If God calls you, He will provide the resources.

Training sessions will be on Sunday afternoons from 4:00-6:00pm. Training will include learning skills to be used while on mission, basic culture/language, team work, and serving in our community.

We will be participating in a number of different mission projects throughout  the Guatemala City region ranging from building stoves for families to doing Christian Festivals for children. A valid Passport is required! Be in prayer as we prepare to be changed as we are change agents for God.

Batykefer Mendez-Salaman

San Miguel

San Miguel