Interested in Joining Oak Grove?


(1) Public profession of faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.  At the end of each of our worship services the minister will invite people to make this kind of decision.  You can indicate this type of decision by walking to the front and presenting yourself to one of the ministers or by indicating the commitment on the “Connect Card,” which can be found in the worship bulletin.  To complete your membership process, you will need to be baptized and attend class 101.

(2) Transferring membership from one Baptist church to another.  This is done by sharing your decision with a minister at the end of one of our worship services or by indicating the commitment on the “Connect Card”  To complete your membership, you will need to attend class 101.  The date for our next class is at the bottom of this information.

(3) Statement of Faith.  You are a Christian but have not be immersed, or you are member of a non-Southern Baptist Church

For information on when this class will meet again, please contact our Minister to Adults, Rev. Jim Testerman, at or by phone at 410-838-9898, ext. 228.