Prayer Concerns for Aug 24 – Aug 30, 2016





University – Veronica N

Bayview – Brent C

Carlisle Hosp., PA – Evelyn S



Richard S, Marie H, Bonnie H, Oswald H, Peg R, Brian G, Edward M,  Jerry M, Paul T, Edward S, Barbara V, Judy B, Evan S Sandy Z, Margie F, Kevin S



Joan G, August 24th, Harford Memorial

Rachel W August 29, UCMC



The Uncle of Nadine Sawicki passed away in NJ

Pat Hicks Bollack, cousin of Eleanor & Jerry Edwards, passed away in CO



Jean S, Gertrude T, Bill T, Catherine J, Cindy H, Elizabeth S, Gay P



-State, North American & International Missions

-For all students returning to school and Falls church activities

-Church plant, Elevate Church in Annapolis, Steve P, Lead Pastor.


PRAYER CHALLENGE: “I’d like to challenge everyone to read the Bible and pray more. For every hour you spend playing Pokémon, posting on Facebook, texting your friends, or surfing the internet, spend one hour reading God’s Word and praying. Do this for the entire month of August and see what God does in your life. God tells us in the book of Malachi to test Him regarding our tithes and offerings to see what happens, so what are you waiting for?” – Richard Weih



– Gabriel L, pray for healing from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy & also for endurance and that his family will be able to put the right opportunities in from of him to extend his chances and future.

– Rosemary C is requesting prayer for healing for Phil, for Vickie to be nice, for Lori to come to church & Ann to be saved and for Robert.

– Nancy T will begin her 2nd year of chemo maintenance.  Next one is November 3rd.

– For Eliz E as new health issues have arisen in the last couple of weeks.

– Rhonda W is in need of a kidney transplant. Please pray that this can happen soon.

– Alison  has Stage 4 cancer. The new treatment she has been receiving seems positive.

-Susan H is going through chemo treatments.

-Margaret R as she continues with chemo treatments. She is stable and off chemo for a month. Prayer for Barry as he has 24 hr. care for her.

-Jim R is under-going chemo and radiation.

-Healing for Forest W.

New Additions:

-Prayer for Betty Was she will have a procedure in September to put her heart back in rhythm.

-John & Betty W are both having health issues.

-John & Shari W are praising God!! Their son and daughter-in-law are adopting a daughter, Anna Rebecca, who was born August 12th.

-For Fred B  & Wayne L in long term care facilities and Lola Lambert in home care.

-Holly R, in the church office, is having a biopsy tomorrow of her thyroid. Pray that it is clear.







* The President and his family.

* Our men and women in the Military and their families. * The Presidential Election




Franklin Graham will be traveling to all 50 state capitals to hold prayer rallies, preach the Gospel and charge believers to take a stand and take action. He will be urging Christians to vote, live out their faith and pray for our nation.  Here is the most current schedule of tour dates.  Please pray for each of these:


August 24        Montpelier, VT

August 25        Albany, NY

August 30        Boston, MA

August 31        Providence, RI

September 1   Hartford, CT

September 13 Dover, DE

September 14 Trenton, NJ

September 15 Harrisburg, PA

October 4        Lansing, MI

October 5        Indianapolis, IN

October 6        Columbus, OH

October 11      Annapolis, MD

October 12      Richmond, VA

October 13      Raleigh, NC
















































































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