Prayer Concerns for Oct 19 – Oct 25, 2016



St. Joseph’s – Judy B, Tony D



John & Marie H, Bonnie H, Oswald H, Brian G, Edward M, Edward S, Evan S, Mary E, Betty W, Ann W, Doris P,  Margie F, Ted B, Shari W, Marian H, Donna W, Jackie W



Angela M, UCMC, October 24th

Joyce G, UCMC, October 24th

Eliz E, Harford Endoscopy Ctr., November 15th



Jim Nichols, brother of Ann Hudson. Services in TN this week.



Catherine M, Phil C, Betty M, Grady & Pat B, Richard & Rose B



-Evangelism and Outreach

-Local mission trip to Annapolis this weekend

-Fallapalooza, Sunday, October 30th (volunteers and trunks needed, see Mr. Trey)

-Church plant, Elevate Church in Annapolis, Steve P, Lead Pastor.



– Gabriel L, pray for healing from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy & also for endurance and that his family will be able to put the right opportunities in from of him to extend his chances and future.

– Rosemary C is requesting prayer for healing for Phil, for Vickie to be nice, for Lori to come to church & Ann to be saved. Also that Patti will come to church.

– Nancy T has begun her 2nd year of chemo maintenance.  Next one is November 3rd.

– For Eliz E as new health issues have arisen in the last couple of weeks.

– Rhonda W is in need of a kidney transplant. Please pray that this can happen soon.

– Alison M has Stage 4 cancer. The new treatment she has been receiving seems positive.

-Susan Hall is finished with her chemo treatments.

-Margaret R as she continues with chemo treatments. She is stable and off chemo for a month. Prayer for Barry as he has 24 hr. care for her.

-Healing for Forest W.

-Healing for Paul T.

-Holly R, in the church office, as she prepares for a total thyroidectomy in November at GBMC.

-Prayer for Megan L who is in Philadelphia working in the schools. Pray for safety throughout the school year.

New Additions:

-Donna P has an unspoken request.

-Judy T is having an iron infusion on October 26th. Pray that it will “kick in” quicker than normal.

-Yvette L is going through a very rough time. Pray that this is resolved soon. Also for her kids.

-Rhonda M had requested prayer for her brother, Scott, for him to turn around and that he seeks God to heal him. PRAISE! He accepted Jesus as Savoir!!!!!!

-Jane P, Steve’s mom, had surgery to remove a tumor.  Results…..NO CANCER.  PRAISE!!

-Sterling, a friend of the W family, is having a port put in for chemo and is having a lot of pain and not able to work.

-Joan G requests prayer for her friend Melvin R who has cancer. He had surgery today. Also for Carolyn K, and the Grant’s health and finances.

-Pray for the family of Colin, a friend of Madison K, who died suddenly.

-Jon E requests prayer for healing, prosperity, blessings, for the leaders of our nation, the election, our military, and revival in American.

-Pray for a friend, Charles, who is having chemo and radiation.

-For Brooke, Alice, Barry & Guy H, for David, Judy and family – ALS. Also for 3 year old Johantara who has cancer.

-Jon H who is going through trouble in school and at home. Pray that he understands he is not alone & that anger is not the answer.








* For Haiti as it recovers from the devastation of     Hurricane Matthew, also for our Southern States

* For our First Responders

* The President and his family.

* Our men and women in the Military and their families. * The Presidential Election






















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