Prayer Concerns for May 25 – May 31, 2016










Becky T, Richard S, Marie H, Bonnie H, Oswald H, Margie F, Bill H, Bill G, Marie S, Peg R, Brian G, Edward M



Pat H, GBMC, May 26th

Donna W, Union Memorial, June 3rd

John F, UCMC, June 14th

Gale G, Surg. Ctr. Whitemarsh, June 17th





Jim S, Roy & Verna J, Catherine M, Hazel B, Mary B, Herb C



-National Government

-For our students and college age who are getting ready to graduate

-New church plant, Elevate Church in Annapolis, Steve P, Lead Pastor.



– Gabriel L, pray for healing from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy & also for endurance and that his family will be able to put the right opportunities in from of him to extend his chances and future.

– Rosemary C is requesting prayer for healing for Phil. Also for Kerrie that her knee would get better, Jessica, for a friend who is not saved, and for Lori to come to church. Also that they find the truck key.

– Continued prayer for my business challenges and my marriage.

-Nancy T thanks everyone for their prayers as she continues the chemo maintenance program. Nancy goes once every 3 months.

– For Eliz E as she is back on chemo meds. Also she is taking a new medicine for a low thyroid.

-Rhonda W is in need of a kidney transplant. Please pray that this can happen soon.

-Alison M has Stage 4 cancer (a rare form of cancer). She began clinical trials at NIH and right now she is stabilized.

New Additions:

-Continue to pray for Susan H. Pathology report shows cancer in 3 of 4 lymph nodes that were removed. She will start chemo & radiation soon.

-Continued prayer for Caroline K who had her spleen removed Tuesday & is in ICU.

-Continued prayer for Joan G as she heals from her surgery. Also for their finances.

-Sandy B, a friend of Karen L, has colon cancer. She is a strong Christian. This is her 2nd bout of cancer.

-Lola L in home care, Wayne Lt & Fred B in long term care facilities.

-John M has diabetes and his ankle collapsed. He is getting surgery.

-For Becky C as she works to discover God’s will for her life and as she works on focus issues for school work. Also for Paul’s strength & endurance in chronic health issues.

-Chole M asks prayer for her dad as he goes back to work after surgery. Also that her great grandmother doesn’t have to go back in the hospital.



– Lee & Rebecca serving in South Asia

– John & April serving in Africa



** The President and his family.

** Our men and women in the Military and their families.

** The Presidential Election



Franklin Graham will be traveling to all 50 state capitals to hold prayer rallies, preach the Gospel and charge believers to take a stand and take action. He will be urging Christians to vote, live out their faith and pray for our nation.  Here is the most current schedule of tour dates.  Please pray for each of these:

May 25             Bismarck, ND

June 14           Springfield, IL

June 15           Madison, WI

June 16           St. Paul, MN

June 28           Salem, OR

June 29           Olympia, WA

July 1               Juneau, AK

August 9          Helena, MT

August 10        Boise, ID

August 12        Cheyenne, WY

August 23        Augusta, ME

August 24        Montpelier, VT

August 25        Albany, NY

August 30        Boston, MA

August 31        Providence, RI

September 1   Hartford, CT

September 13 Dover, DE

September 14 Trenton, NJ

September 15 Harrisburg, PA

October 4        Lansing, MI

October 5        Indianapolis, IN

October 6        Columbus, OH

October 11      Annapolis, MD

October 12      Richmond, VA

October 13      Raleigh, NC






































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