Prayer Concerns for Oct 7 – Oct 13, 2015


Good Samaritan – Bill H

Shock Trauma – Benjamin D (new born)



Richard S, Marie H, Linda A (hospice in PA) Doris W, Bob B, Philip P, Richard B, Helen L, Janet S, Cyndi S, Jerry M, Connie K, Nancy K, Jean W, Tina K, Nancy P





-James High, 4 month old grandson of Sam & Shirene High. Service will be in Massachusetts this weekend.

-Kara Wolf, a resident of the ARC where Betty M lives, passed away.



Gertrude T, Bill T, Catherine J, Cindy H, Marie S, Elizabeth S, Gay P



-Rev. Ralph B and ministries to students

-Forever Young Trip to Niagara Falls this week

-Autumn Glory Mission Team Trip, Friday-Sunday, October 9-11th

-Fallapaloouza, October 25, 2015, 3:00-5:30pm

-New church plant, Elevate Church in Annapolis, Steve P, Lead Pastor



-Gabriel L, pray for healing from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy & also for endurance and that his family will be able to put the right opportunities in from of him to extend his chances and future.

-Rosemary C is requesting prayer for healing for Phil. Also for Terry, Debbie and Pearl and a neighbor Barbara who needs a ride to church, unspoken

-Prayer for Sandy H as she has stopped cancer treatments.

-Continued prayer for my business challenges and my marriage.

-Continued prayer for Nancy T, that she will have good health. She will have chemo every (3) months.

-For Eliz E as she is back on chemo meds.

New Additions:

Joan G requests prayer for their continued finance and health issues.

-Joan’s friend, Tina C, is having surgery today.

-Continued prayer for the choir as they practice for the Christmas Musical.

-The Q’s are asking continued prayer for their children and grandchildren that they know the Lord Jesus and be obedient to him. Also healing for Sharon.

-PRAISE! Jessica, a friend of Angela T, has been discharged from rehab and she is thriving.

-Joe C is requesting prayer for his dad, Joe Sr., who has prostate cancer.

-Prayer for Juliana C who has cancer for the 5th time. Also for Danny B in NC battling cancer.



– Lee & Rebecca serving in South Asia



**For the state of South Carolina and residents as they continue to deal with the flooding issues that continue.

**For the families of the students that were killed in last week’s shooting in OR.

** Our Governor, Larry Hogan, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Prayer for him and his family as he goes through treatments.

**The President and his family.

**Our men and women in the Military and their families. ** The continuing conflict in the Middle East.



30 thoughts on “Prayer Concerns for Oct 7 – Oct 13, 2015

  • Susan

    Prayer requests for the Morgan family as a member of their family battles stage 4 breast cancer.

  • Judy Testerman

    Please lift my dear friend Diana Seligman up in prayer.
    She is getting ready to have a double mastectomy/reconstructive surgery on July 9th. Prayers are appreciated & needed.
    Thanks & GOD Bless, Momma Judy

  • Kristie Edwards Evans

    Prayer request for my parents, Donald & Carolyn Edwards. My father was diagnosed with liver cancer last week.

  • Diane Billings

    Please pray for my friend’s great niece Caitlyn Reil who is 1 year old. She has been hospitalized for several days. the doctors think she may have Fanconi anemia which is a blood disorder that may lead to bone marrow failure and death. they will get the results on Thursday. Thank you.

  • Diane Billings

    Praise the Lord!! The test came back and little Caitlyn does not have Fanconi Anemia but she is still a sick little girl and is still in need of our prayers!! Thank you so very much!!

  • Karen

    Arrangements for Vernon Jones:
    Viewing: Wednesday, June 18th, at Oak Grove Baptist Church, 4:00-8:00pm
    Funeral: Thursday, June 19th, at Oak Grove Baptist Church 10:00am
    Burial: In Conowingo

  • Karen

    Mikey Zack (28), Joe & Sandy Zack’s grandson, was in a motorbike accident. They are not sure that he will survive. Your prayers for Mikey, his family and doctors are much appreciated.

  • Karen

    June Knight (former church member) passed away. Arrangements are as follows:

    Thursday, June 26th Memorial Service at Mt. Zion United Methodist at 7:00pm.

  • Karen

    David Bell, the friend of Stan Nelson who had terminal brain cancer and was on hospice did pass
    away. Please keep his family in your prayers in the days ahead.

  • Karen

    A little boy by the name of Jack has a tumor on his head that is going to require surgery on July 9th . There are concerns because of the shape of the tumor and where it is located.

    John F is having a procedure today

    Debbie W’s son is having surgery today

  • Susan

    Please pray for the Morgan family as their loved one passed away from breast cancer. The funeral is July3rd.

  • Trey

    Please pray for the father of Kevin Cox, Sr. He had a heart attack last night but is stable this morning.

  • Judy Testerman

    I am having stomach issues again.
    Please lift me up in prayer.
    I have missed 2 days of VBS due to not feeling well.
    GOD Bless xoxoxo

  • Karen

    Please pray for Wayne M. who is being treated for Stage 4 brain cancer. His tumor doubled in size in 2 weeks. Wayne is the Uncle of Diane K.

    Also prayer for Pat F. who was hospitalized for stones in both kidneys. He is at home recuperating.

  • Karen

    Dan Kreiner who has been on our prayer sheet for sometime, passed away this morning. He had
    ALS for about 5 years. He is the step-brother of Bruce D. Arrangements are pending.

  • Karen

    Hector, the stepson of Irene B, was shot in the chest in Mexico. We were notified that he did not
    survive. Please pray for this family.

  • Karen

    Kevin C’s father had another heart attack last night and is now unresponsive at UCMC. Also Kevin & Betsy’s son, Casey, had a car accident and may have a broken hand. Please lift this family up in

  • Karen

    Frank S has been diagnosed with bone cancer. Mark S is asking prayer for both of his parents to
    have strength and to focus on Christ. Also prayer for the family as well. Frank isn’t sure he wants to
    go through treatments again as this is the second time battling cancer.

  • Karen

    Carol M, the cousin of Phyliss S., is in Bayview, ICU for 2 weeks. She had surgery for an aneurism and it burst during surgery. She also has fluid in her lungs and a bladder infection.

  • Karen

    Robin S. is having a liver transplant today at University of MD. Please keep her, her family and the
    doctor’s doing the transplant in your prayers!

  • Karen

    Arrangements for Brian Preston (Karen F’s brother):
    Viewing: Schmunek Bel Air, Sunday September 28th 3-5pm & 7-9pm
    Funeral: Schmunek Bel Air, Monday, September 29th at 10:0am
    Burial at Bel Air Memorial Gardens

  • Karen

    Mary Ann H will be going to the Mercy Cancer Institute in the near future for a biopsy. Please pray that she does not have cancer.

  • Diane Billings

    please pray for my great-grandson Jayce Kaiden Hack born Nov 19, 2014 as he is in NICU at Franklin Square Hospital after fluid issues and breathing problems after birth. He is doing well now. all the cpap and feeding tubes have been removed. he is getting an IV antibiotic. Katie is supposed to come home today and baby will remain in NICU till about Tuesday, then he can go home. thank you!

  • Karen

    -Glen M, is in Harford Memorial with congestive heart failure. He is about 62.

    -The father of Pastor Ralph B., is in the ER with heart/breathing problems. He lives in Pittsburgh.

  • Karen

    Funeral arrangements for Robert Watters: Evans Funeral Home
    Viewing: Tuesday, December 9th 3:00pm-6:00pm
    Funeral: Wednesday, December 10th 12 noon

  • Karen

    Dolores M has ovarian cancer for the 3rd time. She will be getting another surgery then another 6 months of chemo. She is the mother of Robbin R.

  • Karen Rickards

    McComas, Abingdon
    Visitation: Wednesday March 4th 3-5pm & 7-9pm, Service: Thursday, March 5th at 11am
    Burial: Bel Air Memorial Gardens

    Oak Grove Baptist Church
    Visitation: Friday, March 6th, 4-8pm, Saturday, March 7th at 9am
    Service: Saturday, March 7th at 10am
    Burial: Harford Memorial Gardens

  • Karen Rickards

    Funeral Arrangements for Charlotte Carder: Evans Funeral Home, Parkville
    Viewing: Monday, March 23rd 7-9pm
    Funeral: Tuesday, March 24th at 10am

    Also prayer is requested for a young woman named Samantha who lives in VA who is in the hospital with a lesion on her brain. She is not doing very well.

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