Children: Pre-School

Preschool Ministry

Our preschool ministry is intended for children who are six weeks through preK-4  age range.

The members of Oak Grove Baptist Church love children! It cannot be made simpler. We strive in every area of ministry to be a “child friendly” environment. Of course, you know why: We read in the New Testament that Jesus Christ appreciated children, going as far as to say no one enters His kingdom without becoming as they. We believe God chooses children as role models of the Christian faith. Oak Grove Baptist Church is diligent to provide an environment of spiritual learning and nurture. We are here to complement the good you are trying to impress in the soul of your child. Simply put, we are here to assist you as you continue the rich task of raising your family. Here is a list of some activities/events high-lighting some of the preschool ministry of Oak Grove Baptist Church:

Contact the Minister to Children and Students by sending an email to Trey Wooton or calling 410-838-9898, ext. 228.