Who is Preaching?

For the next few months, our deacon officers have arranged the following to fill the pulpit in the absence of a Senior Minister. If you should have questions, please contact the church office to leave a message for Gary A, deacon chair.

August 31           Dr. Will McRaney
September 7      Dr. Will McRaney
September 14    Dr. Will McRaney
September 21    Dr Joel Rainey
September 28    Dr Joel Rainey
October 5            Rev. Ron Larson
October 12          Rev. Steve Poole
October 19          Dr Allen Carter
October 26          Dr Allen Carter
November 2        Dr Joel Rainey
November 9        Dr. Will McRaney
November 16      Dr. Will McRaney
November 23      Dr Allen Carter
November 30     Dr Allen Carter
December 7         Dr. Will McRaney
December 14       Dr. Will McRaney
December 21       Dr Joel Rainey
December 28       Dr Allen Carter