reFUEL (Sunday Morning)


What is reFUEL?

reFUEL is Oak Grove’s discipleship training for students on Sunday Mornings at 10:35 AM.

The ministry focuses on empowering student’s lives through studying God’s word.

From 10:35 AM – 11:00 AM all of the students join together for a time of fellowship, information, and devotion in the upper level of Building #3.

Then from 11:00 AM – Noon is the small group time.

All 6th grade members will be completing the Oak Grove Baptist 101-401 program for their first year of Student Ministry. These lessons help 6th grade students learn the discipleship process from the basics to how to use their spiritual gifts on mission for God.

The 7th through 12th grade students have the opportunity to select their class from a variety of choices ranging from Spiritual Warfare to Bible book studies. The classes change on a four semester per year rotation (Sept-Nov/Dec-Feb/Mar-May/June-Aug).

Class Offerings

6th Grade – Cheryl Fischer, Pat Fischer & Ralph Batykefer (CLASS 201)

This December – February courses for 7th – 12th grade students are:

“Diamond Search” (Special Needs) – Richard Anderson – Examining God’s Scriptures through games, crafts, discussions, and even snacks!

“The Hard Sayings of Jesus” –  Eric Gale – based on the book from F.F. Bruce, the group will tackle some of the most difficult biblical concepts to understand as well as some of the most difficult to follow from our Lord. Students will also be involved in which of the sayings they want to confront. This lesson will guarantee a deeper study of Jesus and how to follow Him.

“The Screwtape Letters”Gary Appel –  based on the book from C.S. Lewis, the group will discuss spiritual warfare in the Bible using satire from Lewis’ book. The theme of the book is Screwtape’s (a demon) perception of the battle that exists in the heavenly realms. For the believer, it is a study on how to defeat spiritual foes and temptation.

“Experiencing God” –  Tim Kirchner – Learn to hear when God is speaking. Find out how God is speaking. Find out where God is working and join Him. Experience God doing what only He can do. This small group is a continuation from the previous semester but new students are welcome to join.

“Bad to the Bone” – Sandy Pace – it is often said that we learn from others mistakes and we hope young people realize this and apply it to daily life. Many of our favorite heroes, and even villains, from the Bible can teach us about how to be better disciples for Christ and not repeat the mistakes of the past.


Come join this small group ministry and see your faith grow alongside other youth…