reFUEL (Sunday Morning)


What is reFUEL?

reFUEL is Oak Grove’s discipleship training for students on Sunday Mornings at 10:35 AM.

The ministry focuses on empowering student’s lives through studying God’s word.

From 10:35 AM – 11:00 AM all of the students join together for a time of fellowship, information, and devotion in the upper level of Building #3.

Then from 11:00 AM – Noon is the small group time.

The 6th through 12th grade students have the opportunity to select their class from a variety of choices ranging from Spiritual Warfare to Bible book studies. The classes change on a three semester per year rotation (January – April/May – August/September – December). We offer anywhere from 5 to 8 classes per trimester.

Class Offerings

This  January – April courses are:

“Diamond Search” – Richard & Debbie Anderson – This is designed for our special needs students but others join in this creative lesson method.

“Lord, Change My Attitude” – Stella & Priscilla Lee – (high school students) – Help for the attitudinally challenged teenager.

“What is Love” – Tim Kirchner – Love will outlive the heavens and the earth, but what is the biblical truth about love?

“The Gospel of John” – Gary Appel & Alex Rodriquez –  This class is a verse by verse book study of John’s Gospel.

“Girl Talk” – Diane Godwin (girls only class) –  This Bible study tackles tough teen speech topics and challenges girls to let their speech honor God


Come join this small group ministry and see your faith grow alongside other youth…