Risk Management

Statement of Purpose

Church Security seems a contradiction, but Christian churches everywhere have been compelled to seriously address this issue. No place is sacred to the criminal, and all churches are vulnerable, large and small. 

There is no possible way to predict what kind of or even if, a violent act will occur. The key is to be prepared ahead of time and ready to act in event of a fire, natural disaster, or hostile act in order to protect lives. 

The Oak Grove Security Ministry Team marks a dramatic shift in ministry that is prompting both praise and concern. Many will deny that there is a need for such a service. However, there are a large number of threats to today’s church. Security Team members may have to deal with issues such as lost children, first aid, mentally unstable individuals, offering security, pastor/staff protection, and special events. 

Oak Grove Baptist Church, after much prayerful consideration, believes that the reasonable steps outlined in this guideline will bring worshipers together in a safer and more secure spiritual experience.

Risk Management Mission Statement:

To recognize that the days are evil and to show the love of God by sacrificing time and talent to provide a safe, peaceful worship place for followers of Christ, both members and visitors, at Oak Grove Baptist Church. We pray continually that these policies never have to be acted upon, but if necessary, will be carried out quickly and effectively.

What To Do If…

Did you witness an incident? Please click here to download an incident report form. Complete the form and return to the church office within twenty-four hours of the incident.

We are looking for Oak Grove church members who would be interested in serving on our team for special events. Please click here for the volunteer application. Complete the application and return it to the church office.

If you have a concern to share with the risk management team, please email your concern to rmc@oakgrovebaptist.com. Your concern will be discussed amongst the committee and will be addressed as necessary.