Royal Ambassadors

Mission Education

Royal Ambassador’s (RAs) is a well-balanced mission education organization.

It is designed to help boys in grades 1st-5th grow in spiritual, social, mental and physical needs.

While teaching on-mission principles is the focus of the organization, leading the boys to understand there role in the world today by living for Christ helps them both now and in adulthood.

The primary concern of the RA program is to see that each child has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and prepare them to hear the call of God into their own specialized mission field of service.

RA Pledge

“As A Royal Ambassador, I will do my best to become a well informed, responsible follower of Christ”.

The RA program has an advancement plan for each age group to help the boys achieve this goal.

The advancement plans are divided according to grade – Lad 1 – Lad 2 – Lad 3 – then Crusaders –

Grade 4 are pages, and grade 5 are Squires.

Within each division there is opportunity for each RA to receive recognition for their accomplishments. A variety of awards are given for the work they have done.


Royal Ambassadors have as their motto 2 Corinthians 5:20 “We are ambassadors for Christ”.

Though Chapter meetings, mission projects and activities Royal Ambassadors learn what it means to serve Christ as his ambassadors. Ambassadors are people who are appointed and sent to represent their country in a foreign land. Royal Ambassadors represent Christ. They are to go into all the world and tell others about Jesus.

    Some of the mission and fellowship activities include:

  • World Hunger Walk – where donations are collected for world hunger relief.
  • RA Post Office – where donations are collected for world missions in return for delivering Christmas card for our church family.
  • RA Field Day & Pine Wood Derby – where boys are in friendly competition with other churches in the Md./Del. Association.
  • RA Camp – where boys are involved with activities such as Bible study, archery, camping, crafts and sports.

For more information about RA’s, visit the Royal Ambassadors site or contact Norman Grafton or Trey Wooton